Manage Your Lines with Time Based Ticketing

Are your entrance lines getting out of control? With time based ticketing, INTERACTIVE TICKETING introduces a powerful tool that enables you to control the flow of your lines.

Utilizing slot based ticketing, customers purchase tickets based on the day and time they’ll attend the event. You are able to set individual sell out limits for each date/time slot so customers are allowed to only buy tickets for times that have space left, thus making your attendance more consistent and manageable. Tickets are dynamically printed with the specified date and time printed right on the ticket so it’s clear to the customer when they’re supposed to attend. Fully supported by our scanning software, which only accepts tickets with a valid date/time on them. For those not using our scanning software solution, our reporting tools even include a printable daily manifest so you can check customers in for smaller or specialized events.

Our back end management system features a full suite of tools that give you 24 hour control over your slot ticketing calendar. Make minor capacity adjustments, or add completely new time slots as needed any time instantaneously! You can even discount your tickets on specific days or times to promote sales for your slower periods.

Always First in Line.