Freedom to move using the Apple® iPad as your Management Console.

With our management tools for Apple iPad, you can look up orders, handle customer service, and review sales information from a single location, all while being connected to your data in real time.

As we’ve visited a variety of events across the country, we have heard from event producers about the success stories of having a computer onsite with all of our management tools available. With the ability to manage their event for sales tracking, scanning and customer service, a host of service problems are elegantly and easily managed during the show.

Now with the Apple iPad, event producers can monitor their event information without being “tethered” to a single location, leaving staff free to roam around their events while tracking sales and assisting with customer service as needed.

This powerful and portable solution is now available and will definitely streamline your ability to manage your event. With the features of our original management tools, users can easily monitor the flow of their scanning operation, see ticket sales in real time, all while being free to leave the show office.

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