Our award winning Interactive Ticketing system is packed with unique features you won’t find anywhere else and the list is growing.  Our online ticketing solution is at the forefront of the industry with social networking options, security, and real-time scanning validation. By listening to our clients needs, we are driving this momentum, and setting new standards in online excellence.

Interactive Ticketing is dedicated to providing the best value in the online ticketing industry.  From our in-depth reporting to our advanced promotional code and social networking options, you’re getting a whole lot of innovation at a fraction of the cost seen by other providers.

  • 12 Years Experience and Industry Leader
  • Best Cost Value in the Industry
  • Streamlined Purchase Process
  • Onsite and Online Ticketing Solutions
  • PCI Compliant
  • Real Time Statistics
  • Promotional Tools
  • Real Time Scanning Solutuions
  • Social Network Tools
  • High end Fraud Control
  • Integration with Existing Box Office Systems
  • Personal Customer Support